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Full Renovations

Home remodeling can be done for any number of reasons, but there are a few significant reasons why homeowners in Dallas Fort Worth are raising the money needed to update their homes.

Maximizing your home value

For a lot of people, remodeling is a strategic move that is meant to maximize their home value so they get more money when they sell their home. The newest tendency is for more substantial remodeling budgets as homeowners recognize the chance to improve their roi when they sell their home. It should come as no surprise that homes with dated bath and kitchens are much harder to sell and can stay on the market for a very long time. Then again a higher asking price is not the only explanation why a homeowner would choose to upgrade their home.

Investing in your home

When faced with the task of shopping for another home, many homeowners realize that renovating their current home may be a more practical option. Though the real estate market has recovered, some of the consequences of the recession can still be felt. However, staying in your existing home also has its benefits, particularly the fact that you get to save on the amount of time that you would have spent hunting for a new home. When you remodel your home you get to make it just the way you want instead of hoping to come across what you want somewhere else. It really is a less stressful situation, and has a tendency to result in more contentment.

When it’s required

Sometimes, remodeling your home is necessary, such as when you need to make more living space for your growing family. It may be something as simple as requiring more closet space, or trying to find the best design to use the space you have now. After the kids move away empty nesters often decide to repurpose their kids rooms. With all the rebates and tax incentives, eco-friendly remodeling is also a new trend. It allows you to increase the value of your home while saving money on energy bills and reducing your impact on your environment.

Home Renovation Services:

Home Additions

You love your home and location. If you had a little more room, you’d live there forever.

Making substantial home improvements, such as adding a room or garage, could make a big impact in how much you enjoy your home and in its value, as well.

We use our years of creativity and experience to meet your aesthetic goals as well as your practical needs. We will find the ideal balance of form and function. We guarantee each homeowner the ultimate level of quality, integrity, and commitment available in the residential design-build sector today. That level of devotion is maintained by our skilled staff – which is enthusiastic to help you meet every need during your remodeling project.


Worn cabinets, dated appliances and cracked countertops are all indications that you need to think about remodeling your kitchen, but there are several other reasons to upgrade your kitchen’s look. One major consideration, for instance, is whether or not you are making the most productive use of your space. While a stunning kitchen is nice, it should also be one of the most functional rooms in the home. If you wish to attain this you have to take many different elements into consideration.

For one reason or another the importance of kitchen lighting can sometimes be overlooked. Relocating your windows, for example, may let more sunlight into the room.

Young children or a growing family generally can increase the requirements of the kitchen and lead to essential remodeling. Keep in mind that outdated kitchen designs and appliances may be hazardous for young children. If you want to do more entertaining in your home you may discover that you need to upgrade to a more open kitchen plan to allow greater social interaction. But then, as you grow older you may decide to remodel your kitchen to increase its safety.

When talking with real estate agents they will all acknowledge that out of every room in the house the kitchen has the biggest impact on home buying decisions. This means that a gorgeous kitchen is likely to be the difference between a immediate sale and a home that remains on the market. If you decide to redesign your kitchen step one is to make a list of all the items that you want to fix, and their priority as well. If you can’t change everything you want to, it is important to prioritize and figure out what among your wants and needs is most important.


In the last few years the trend has been to live in the same home for a longer time. This has lead to bathroom remodeling being more common not only for visual appeal, but for function. Most people begin their day in their bathroom, and staring at the same cracked tiles every morning is far from ideal. On top of that, broken fixtures and anything else that leaks water can lead to bigger issues such as mold, and that is something you surely don’t want to fix.

Potential buyers put a lot of importance on a remodeled bathroom. This means that investing in bathroom remodeling could really help your home close faster, and in the majority of cases, you also get to recuperate a large percentage of your original investment. Having said that, resale value is not the only reason to remodel your bathroom. You may have no plans to move, but simply want your own quiet oasis. When you want to relax from a hectic day a custom built bath tub or shower can have a huge impact on your ability to relax and recharge.

Countertop choices

When considering your budget for remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you want to attempt to get the most value out of every dollar spent. Your countertops are one such element, and the best part is that they are available in as many colors, materials and finishes as you can envision. Countertops are produced in a wide variety of alternatives. In recent years the more popular choices include glass, granite, wood, butcher block, cambria, marble, concrete, corian, soapstone, and laminate.

You can make your countertop choice easier by considering numerous elements, including durability, clean-up and maintenance. Keeping that in mind, you have to balance the overall performance of your countertops with aesthetics. Your countertops have to fit into the overall design style of your home. What’s more, while every countertop component comes with its practical and aesthetic advantages, you still need to decide whether each fits into your layout and more importantly budget. For instance, we can all agree that marble countertops are simply gorgeous. However, because of the premium price point they may not fit into every renovation budget. Granite countertops, while just as beautiful also carry a similar cost. Wood and concrete on the other hand can be an aesthetically pleasing alternative which are much more reasonably priced.

Don’t trust your home to amateurs

Your home is one of the biggest investments a person ever makes. You need a fully bonded & licensed contractor. Not only will they guarantee that you get the more return for your investment, but you will have peace of mind. As professional remodeling contractors with years of experience we will help you with all aspects of your renovation job, from design to implementation.

If you have a remodeling project in mind, Champs is here to take care of all aspects from design to implementation. We have proudly served the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 25 years. We have a proven track record of successfully finishing all sizes of remodeling jobs on time and under budget. If you require assistance at any point along the way we have the experience and the know how to point you in the right direction and make sure that you are satisfied.

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